Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grilled Oysters on Tomales Bay... A Perfect Day

On my recent trip home, my mom and stepdad decided to take me and my brother to their favorite spot on Tomales Bay to grill oysters. They’ve done this several times and wanted to share this special experience with us.

First we stopped by Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station to pick up some amazing crusty, sourdough bread for our oyster feast, in addition to some extra treats, like the perfect flakey croissant, a fruit filled turnover, a gooey bear claw and a nutty chocolate bar.

Next, we picked up two dozen local, medium sized oysters from Drakes Bay Oyster Company. To get to the oyster farm, you drive down a long, dusty road of crushed oyster shells. At the farm, we watched the fishermen in action on the production line, separating and bagging the live oyster.

fishermen at work

Then we headed to a nearby picnic area in Tomales Bay State Park. We went to their usual spot, which overlooked the bay. I have to keep this part a secret in order to preserve this secluded, perfect spot.

Our view!
 While the coals were heating up on the grill, my mom prepared the sauce. In a small bowl, she combined about 6 crushed garlic cloves, 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil, juice from one lemon, a splash of white wine and minced parsley.

our oysters

preparing the sauce

To cook, add the oysters to the grill over high heat. Once they start to open and their juices start to bubble, they are ready to shuck.

Remove the top shell and be careful to not lose the juice. Add a spoonful of the garlic olive oil mixture to the oyster in the half shell.

Finish cooking to your liking. Enjoy with a nice crusty bread, a squirt of extra lemon and a glass of white wine.

We're a bunch of happy oyster eatin' fools!
Thanks, Mom and Larry, for this perfect day and sharing your special spot with us!  

And we ended the day with a pile of empty shells.

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